Margot Lévêque       Graphic Design       Paris (FR)       

Margot Lévêque 
18 rue de Charonne
75011 Paris (France)
+33(0) 7 89 59 74 91

Art Direction
Creative Direction
Type Design
Spacial Design
Visual Identity
Fashion Design
Web Design

Margot Lévêque is a french Art Director based in Paris. After a Bachelor and a Master degree in Graphic and Type design, she specialized in visual identity, type design, editorial design and more. Each project needs the creation of a unique typeface and mindset. Experimentation with intelligence and simplicity is the key. Inspired by simple things and new trends, she adapts her style to many different sectors: music, fashion, culture and more.

2019  Leipzig (DE), It’s a book 2019,  Independent Publishing Fair
2018  London (UK), Visual Identity for Rule of Three company
2019  Paris (FR), Master degree in Type Design
2018  Paris (FR), DA assistant at Zoo designers graphiques
2017  Amsterdam (NL), internship with Sue Doeksen
2017  Paris (FR), Bachelor degree in Graphic Design
2017  Bruxelles (BE), workshop at Love-Letters
2017  Cabourg (FR), visual identity for La Perle d’Isigny
2016  Paris (FR), visual identity for Sciences Po Paris
2016  Paris (FR), internship with Noémie Devime

2019  Grilli Type 
2019  Typelab
2018  The Design Kids
2018  Typodarium 2019
2018  Form design magazine n°278 (print)
2018  Leben Liebe Grafik (4)
2018  High on Design Wix
2018  It’s Nice That (2)
2018  Back Catalogue
2018  Type Club Dusseldorf
2017   It’s Nice That (1)
2017  Aiga Eye on Design
2017  Leben Liebe Grafik (3) (2) (1)

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