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Kalice Regular
2 Styles

Kalice is a display font that was originally designed by Margot Lévêque in 2018 and updated in 2023 with the release of the italic style. Expertly mastered and produced by Guillaume Besson and ikern.

Kalice is a revival of the Elzévir Anglais typeface from the Turlot Foundry. This font features clean lines and a sleek, modern aesthetic, making it ideal for use in headlines, logos, and other graphic design projects. With support for a wide range of European languages, Kalice is a versatile addition to any design toolkit. Both the regular weight and the newly released italic style come in standard file formats.

→ Each license includes Unlimited uses for Print, Websites, Mobile applications, Global Corporate, Electronic publications, Social networks, Videos and Movies.
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Kalice Regular
Kalice Italic
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